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Hello all, welcome to the #1 source of Free PSN Codes. For the last five months, we have been giving away $20 PSN codes to over 110,000 PlayStation 3 players. free psn codes no survey

Are you ready to be the next person to receive a free code? If so, continue reading. If not, please leave now. If you don’t believe in us, we don’t want you to get a $20 code from us. We’d much rather give our codes to our loyal fans.


Some of you may be wondering how we can give away PSN codes for free. Well here’s the backstory for those of you who are new to us and haven’t been around back in our PlayStation 3 beta days . . .

Back in December of 2007, we were part of a group in the Sony Lead Testing Department. For those of you know don’t know, this group is responsible for the testing and generation of the Sony PlayStation codes.


Basically, we run and test the PSN codes that you guys purchase from your stores.

We’re responsible for making sure they’re correctly randomized, 100% unique (make sure no two codes are the same), and making sure they are the correct value (make sure a code on a $10 card is actually worth $10).


Fun Fact: We had access to over 100 MILLION codes every month.

We decided which codes were put into production and we decided which ones weren’t. Since we had access to so many codes, we decided to keep some for ourselves.


In our 4 years in the department (we were let go in 2011 after cutbacks because of the horrible economy), we had saved just over 4 million codes.

We decided to try and make the news by giving away 4 million codes for free. How we did this was we created a generator and put all of the codes into it.


We let the followers of our old website download the PSN codes generator for free. They were allowed to get 3 $10 codes every 7 days.

Want to see proof of this PSN Codes Generator?

3 Million $10 PSN codes

1 Million $20 PSN codes

100,000 $50 PSN codes

Since 2011, we’ve given away over 2 Million $10 PSN Codes. Recently, we’ve started to give away our $20 PSN codes to our fans and we will start to give away our $50 PSN codes once we reach 200,000 fans.


Our PSN codes are 100% legit and real. These codes are authorized and are not stolen. They are 100% safe to use and you risk nothing by using them. Over 2 million codes have been used and NOT ONE person has reported back with any psn codes no survey no human verification

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